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Hadoop data lakes require new IT skills, tight processes

Organizations have found that they can't just jump into a data lake -- it requires a strategic approach to building an architecture that can support it.


Data-driven business needs to avoid analytics potholes

Businesses are increasingly putting data and analytics at the center of their management practices. That can lead to better decisions and efficiency gains, but also cultural clashes.


Predictive analytics tools help hospitals boost health

Hospitals are under pressure to cut costs and to restore patients to good health without readmissions. Predictive analytics can help, but providers need a solid plan for using their data.


How do you get business intelligence experience?

IT professionals who want to move into business intelligence roles should take classes, advises careers expert Matt Mueller -- or accept an entry-level position.

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    How to integrate social analytics and BI

    In a book excerpt, Krish Krishnan and Shawn Rogers explore how organizations can take advantage of insights provided by social business intelligence.

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    revenue attribution

    Revenue attribution is the process of matching customer sales to specific advertisements in order to understand where revenue is coming from and optimize how advertising budgets are spent in the future.

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    Developing the chief data, chief analytics officer roles

    Chief analytics officers and chief data officers can help get more value from data. But as more businesses add CAOs and CDOs, they'll have to think of how the roles fit in the organization.

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