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What to know before you shop for big data analytics tools

Expert David Loshin provides insight into the process of identifying your must-have features when selecting a big data analytics tool.


Online lending company competes on data

All smart businesses these days want to be data-driven. With a shortage of knowledgeable workers, getting to that point can be hard -- but the head of BI at online lender Avant is helping it to do so.


Does your company need a BI analytics tool?

Before selecting a BI analytics tool, you should create BI use cases and then match those requirements with BI analytics tool categories and styles.


Cloud BI tools, systems benefit both IT and business users

Migrating BI to the cloud can help organizations simplify and streamline data analysis. But self-service BI doesn't equal DIY BI, warns expert David A. Teich.

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    Data-driven company needs lift from advanced analytics

    Consultant Claudia Imhoff says descriptive and diagnostic analytics aren't enough to build a data-driven culture -- companies need to step up to predictive and prescriptive analytics, too.

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    Does big data analytics deliver value?

    Now that more companies have big data analytics programs, new trends -- and new challenges -- are emerging. Many programs have moved out of experimentation into real production, offering a timely opportunity to learn how companies are tapping into ...

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    How, where and why big data analytics are delivering value

    SearchBusinessAnalytics Benchmark Reports examine customer perceptions and adoption rates of technologies in established segments of the business intelligence (BI) market. Each Benchmark Report focuses on a specific area and surveys senior BI and IT...

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  • Business intelligence best practices

    MIT panelists: Defining data access should fall to CDO

    Balancing data access and security in an organization isn't the most glamorous task, but several chief data officers at an MIT conference said it's something CDOs need to take charge of.

  • Self-service and collaborative business intelligence

    Governance defines MicroStrategy 10

    MicroStrategy has introduced the first major new version of its BI software in six years, and it's playing for self-service customers with the MicroStrategy 10 release -- but with a focus on governance.

  • Business intelligence best practices

    Needed analytics skills include curiosity, adaptability

    Employers may have trouble finding data scientists and other analysts with all the technical skills they want, but some are starting to zero in on general abilities that can lead to analytics success.