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Self-service tools lacking for operational BI apps

Consultant Rick van der Lans says most self-service business intelligence tools fall short at the operational level, leaving some key business users locked out of the self-service BI process.


Security and big data analytics: a must-have pair?

Many companies don't apply data analytics tools to IT security processes. But commentators at a SAS conference said doing so could help them identify and stop security threats.


Temporal database support a must to make BI apps tick

To fully understand their analytics data, organizations need to incorporate temporal data capabilities into data warehouses and business intelligence systems, consultant Barry Devlin says.


Vendors look to give cloud BI, analytics more momentum

A slew of new cloud BI and analytics announcements could give businesses more reasons to consider whether now is the time to jump into the cloud for data analysis applications.

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    Big data size must be right for the job at hand

    Many businesses implementing big data analytics applications focus on the size of their data sets, when what they should really focus on is whether they have the right data.

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    Where social media analytics projects can run aground

    Social media analytics can give businesses a better idea of what customers think about them, but there are some common challenges to be aware of before getting started on projects.

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    Has data science created a new form of journalism?

    In this edition of Talking Data, our experts discuss why some of the same factors at play in data science are influencing data journalism, a new brand of reporting that values fact and measurement over conjecture and anecdote.

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