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Vendors look to give cloud BI, analytics more momentum

A slew of new cloud BI and analytics announcements could give businesses more reasons to consider whether now is the time to jump into the cloud for data analysis applications.


How to avoid common predictive modeling setbacks

Predictive modeling can lead to some pretty bad insights when done poorly, but overcoming some common issues can help users sidestep problems on predictive analytics projects.


Companies face big challenges with big data analytics applications

It's hardly breaking news, but businesses today are looking to cash in on big data. And naturally, vendors of big data analytics applications are trying to capitalize on that by promising new opportunities for companies looking to increase revenues ...


Ensemble models give businesses more predictive insight

Ensemble modeling was once primarily thought of as an academic pursuit, but more businesses are starting to take advantage of the predictive modeling technique.

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    Big data size must be right for the job at hand

    Many businesses implementing big data analytics applications focus on the size of their data sets, when what they should really focus on is whether they have the right data.

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    Where social media analytics projects can run aground

    Social media analytics can give businesses a better idea of what customers think about them, but there are some common challenges to be aware of before getting started on projects.

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    Has data science created a new form of journalism?

    In this edition of Talking Data, our experts discuss why some of the same factors at play in data science are influencing data journalism, a new brand of reporting that values fact and measurement over conjecture and anecdote.

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