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Experts talk Spark streaming, platform maturity and more

In this edition of Talking Data, we recap the Spark Summit, including critiques of the Spark streaming engine and where the open source data processing ecosystem goes from here.


Big data visualization refines the analytics picture

Data scientists and analysts who spend a lot of their time parsing through data often find that their coworkers aren't as in tune with all of that information and what it means. Luckily, big data visualization helps analysts present information to ...


Boston data chief sheds new light on CDO job

The first person to take over the CDO job for the city of Boston is hoping to support existing teams to make government more effective by leveraging data and analytics.


Put storytelling first in designing data visualizations

Data visualizations can transform analytics data into actionable business information. But remember to keep things easy to understand and remember your audience, an expert cautions.

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    Apache Spark

    Apache Spark is an open-source parallel processing framework that enables users to run large-scale data analytics applications across clustered systems.

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    logistic regression

    Logistic regression is a statistical method for creating predictive models that classify data into different outcome categories based on historical observations of outcomes involving the same data variables. In particular, it is an important element...

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    deep learning

    Deep learning automates predictive analytics by stacking algorithms in a hierarchy of increasing complexity and abstraction. Each algorithm in the hierarchy applies a non-linear transformation on its input and uses what it learns to create a ...

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