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Align your advanced analytics team with business goals

Advanced analytics teams may sometimes be inclined to more academic projects, but the path to true value is ensuring that their work closely aligns with core business needs.


Quick wins vs. data-driven product development

Analytics teams typically look for quick wins to prove their value. But experts say this approach should not become the guiding strategy for data product development.


Don't let analytics infrastructure be an afterthought

Analytics teams might prefer to spend their time developing algorithms, but overlooking the importance of analytics infrastructure could cause problems down the road.

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Advanced analytics tools extract business value from big data

Big data environments based on technologies such as Hadoop and Spark are being deployed more widely -- and the same goes for advanced analytics tools that can help organizations make effective use of the data flooding into those systems. In fact, ...

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    A/B testing (split testing)

    A/B testing is a statistical method used to assess proposed changes to a product or service.

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    Five A/B testing strategies for effective web design

    Many businesses lack a clear A/B testing strategy when implementing changes to their websites, which means they often miss out on potential opportunities to drive improvements in site performance.

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    data science as a service (DSaaS)

    Data science as a service (DSaaS) is the delivery of analytical reports and data products with embedded analytics produced by a service provider's team of data scientists to a client enterprise.

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