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SQL query software gives Hadoop processing a power boost

SQL-on-Hadoop query engines are becoming a common companion of Hadoop in big data systems as IT managers look to ease programming for analytics applications and data integration jobs.


Service delivery methods lower bar to entry on AI systems

AI systems are generating huge hype right now, which makes it imperative for businesses to understand how the technology can be deployed most effectively.


Speed of new BI reports rewards clothing company

One clothing manufacturer found out that today's BI reports can be produced with a minimum of ETL and other processes that have traditionally slowed down BI.


IT gets more collaborative on data analytics programs

SAS consultant and author Jill Dyché discusses how self-service BI and business control of systems affect IT teams and details a novel approach to IT buying that may ease push-pull issues.

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    Guide to telling stories with data: How to share analytics insights

    Organizations are awash in data. The next step is interpreting all that information -- but doing so requires the right balance of information. That's where solid data storytelling comes in.

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    Apache Spark

    Apache Spark is an open-source parallel processing framework that enables users to run large-scale data analytics applications across clustered systems.

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    logistic regression

    Logistic regression is a statistical method for creating predictive models that classify data into different outcome categories based on historical observations of outcomes involving the same data variables. In particular, it is an important element...

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