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Be a corporate evangelist for BI software tools

Convincing executives and other workers to adopt business intelligence software remains surprisingly difficult. If you aren't selling BI's benefits internally, that might be one reason why.


Use of data discovery software calls for IT balancing act

Deployments of self-service BI and data discovery tools need to be governed to keep things in order. But finding the right balance between user freedom and IT oversight isn't always easy.


Businesses see location intelligence software as critical

A new report from Dresner Advisory Services says businesses see increased value in location intelligence software, but products need to improve.


Data scientist demand rises faster than supply

Data scientist ranks as the top job in America this year, as low supply and high demand mean big money for those who qualify for that emerging IT career.

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    self-service business intelligence (BI)

    The self-service approach lets end users create personalized reports and analytical queries while freeing up IT staffers to focus on other tasks – potentially benefiting both groups.

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    backpropagation algorithm

    The backpropagation algorithm repeatedly processes data to improve the accuracy of predictions in machine learning and neural network applications.

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    Big data team doesn't always need data scientists

    Despite the value data scientists can bring to a big data analytics team, not every business requires them. Some are using a mix of technology and culture to avoid the need.

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