spreadmart (spreadsheet data mart)

A spreadmart (spreadsheet data mart) is a situation in which a company's employees has inconsistent views of corporate data because each department relies on the data from their own spreadsheets.

Spreadmart is short for spreadsheet data mart. In business intelligence, the term has a negative connotation.  It is used to describe a situation where a business has multiple spreadsheets created by different people or groups that provide inconsistent views of the company's data.

Because spreadsheets are easy to work with, many businesses rely on them to take the place of a data mart or data warehouse. Instead of providing a consistent view of the entire company’s data, however, spreadsheets have unique views of limited amounts of data. It is up to the spreadsheet creator to decide what metrics are important, what data needs to be collected, how the data is formatted and what level of granularity is required. Multiple spreadsheets become isolated data silos and make it difficult for analysts to extract, transform and load data into a central database so it can be interpreted at an enterprise level.  

This was first published in December 2013

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