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Change agents: Leaders in information management technology

The articles in this guide profile various information management technology projects and the agents of change that made them possible.

It takes plenty of zeal and determination to execute a successful information management technology initiative. Whether the initiative focuses on big data technology, data integration, data quality or another information management imperative, the goal of affecting real change requires planning, homework and strength of character.

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With this guide, you'll get to know many "Change Agents" that have carried out information management technology projects from the start and produced positive results for their organizations. These inspiring tales of transformation are   full of advice about how to use technology to improve the way business is done. Our Change Agents profiles offer real inspiration and solid guidance on how to conduct a career at the crossroads of business and IT.


1. Using technology to solve business problems

In this section, learn how various information management technology professionals have used their resources to push through projects that would solve various technology problems and inefficiencies.


2. Using technology to redefine and streamline business strategies

In this section, learn how various information management technology professionals were able to redefine business strategies and bring about organizational change through technology initiatives.


3. Careers in information management technology

In this section, learn about the careers of several agents of change and their secrets to success in information management technology professions.