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December 2012, Volume 1, Issue 12

Bridging IT-business divide a two-way street; BI projects can help

Today, more than ever before, there is a significant disconnect between what the business expects from its IT resources and what the IT department thinks it is delivering. Why is that? What is so fundamentally different about IT?  Why don’t business departments have the same difficulty in meeting one another’s expectations? To answer those questions, let’s look at how business departments interact and then compare that to how IT functions. That way, we can identify fundamental changes that IT managers can implement to bridge this gap on business intelligence (BI) projects and other initiatives. Even in the most dysfunctional company, there is a common language understood by all business managers—profit, expenses, assets and, at a high level, customers and products or services offered. The top executives in each department have their own goals to meet but also have a fundamental understanding of the goals for other departments. There are logical metrics for determining accomplishments and progress against those goals. These ...

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