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Issue 5 May 2012

BI benefits in reach for SMBs, but some effort required

The business intelligence (BI) market is flooded with software packages targeted at small and midsize businesses (SMBs). But the reality is that SMBs face many of the same challenges in managing and using BI tools as their enterprise counterparts do.  The good news is that BI and analytics systems can often be more easily implemented in midmarket organizations because many SMBs do not have the technology infrastructure limitations typically found in large enterprises. Most big businesses already have mature BI architectures with designated hardware and software standards, which limits their flexibility on system design. Consequently, SMBs can be more agile and take advantage of newer BI product offerings.  On the other hand, restricted budgets and fewer internal IT resources to manage BI systems could be considered negative factors for BI adoption in the midmarket. Fortunately, thanks to the broader technology options now available, it’s a great time for SMBs to take advantage of what BI and analytics have to offer.  However, ...

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