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Issue 5 May 2012

Faster data delivery livens BI performance, user satisfaction

Chances are your business users are demanding faster access to business intelligence (BI) data -- daily instead of weekly or monthly in some cases, in real or near real time in others. And they’re not likely to want to hear excuses about why you can’t meet those demands for increased BI performance levels. In addition, many end users are no longer content with canned reports or prebuilt queries, which can further complicate efforts to speed BI data delivery. “The type of information they are asking for is not standard or defined, exactly,” said Soumendra Mohanty, an India-based consultant who heads Accenture’s global information management services unit. “It is much more ad hoc and exploratory in nature.” Instead of “getting drowned in numerous reports,” Mohanty added, users increasingly want to be able to rapidly access “precise information that guides them to make smart decisions.” And with the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablet PCs, many want to see that data while they’re outside the office or away from their ...

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