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April 2013, Volume 1, Number 2

Seeking treasure from social media tracking? Follow the customer

Nearly 1.5 billion people used a social networking site last year. And they were all chattering about you. Sure, not every tweet, post or comment was about your company, but consider this: Twitter alone registers more than 200 million tweets a day, and half of all Twitter users recommend products in their tweets. "Social media is the world's largest focus group," said Wayne St. Amand, vice president of marketing at Crimson Hexagon, a social media monitoring and analytics software vendor in Boston. "Consumers are telling you what they want every single day on social media." Smart businesses ought to be listening. Analyzing the data that pours out of countless social media sites across the Web has become increasingly critical for forward-thinking organizations looking to stay ahead. The discipline, known as social media analytics, allows companies to take control of the flood of social data produced every day and transform it into actionable business intelligence. "If you're not listening and using the intelligence as a feedback ...

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