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February 2013

The buzz: Social media analytics tools a must for many

Social media analytics is the collecting and analyzing structured and unstructured data generated by social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in order to help an organization make more informed business decisions. Data can include comments, reviews, demographic information, the number of likes or tweets and the number of followers or fans. Customer service and marketing departments have expressed the most interest in social media analytics tools. The buzz: Why is everyone talking about it? For more on social media analytics tools Are social media analytics tools right for you? Learn how social media analytics tools bring clarity to chaos Find out if your company is ready for social media analytics tools In a word -- competitiveness. For years, businesses have relied on focus groups and market surveys to tap into customer input and opinion. Today, social data provides a lower-cost alternative with instantaneous feedback on products, ad campaigns and customer service as well as an avenue to track how competitors ...

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