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A look at IBM SPSS predictive analytics tools

IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics enable users to build predictive models and execute other types of analytics tasks.

IBM SPSS predictive analytics tools consist of IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM SPSS Statistics. SPSS Modeler provides data mining and text analysis software, while SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products. Both tools enable users to build predictive models and execute other types of analytics tasks.

IBM SPSS Modeler targets users who have little or no statistical skills. Users are provided with a drag-and-drop user interface, enabling them to perform predictive and other data analytics. Modeler can apply different processes and algorithms to help the user discover information hidden in the data. The tool also assists in integrating and consolidating all types of data sets from dispersed data sources across the organization.

IBM SPSS Statistics suite is an integrated set of products geared toward more professional data analysts. SPSS Statistics addresses the complete analytical process, from planning to data collection, analysis, reporting and deployment.

SPSS Modeler features

Version 17 provides the following features:

  • R support enables users to write and integrate R software as part of queries and R build/score, process and output nodes. SPSS Modeler includes support for IBM Netezza, SAP HANA and Oracle R and other in-database R engines.
  • IBM SPSS Analytic Server integration provides improved scalability and the ability to distribute analytics processing into Hadoop environments with support for IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, Cloudera, Hortonworks and Apache Hadoop.
  • Enhanced support for geospatial data.
  • Improved big data support through new and improved algorithms.
  • Extended big data integration through the use of SPSS Analytic Server v2.0.

SPSS Modeler bundles are deployed on premises and SPSS Modeler Gold is available as a cloud offering. The client front end of SPSS Modeler runs under Windows, while the server component runs on Unix, Linux and Windows.

SPSS Modeler provides the following editions:

  • SPSS Modeler Personal is a desktop product offering.
  • SPSS Modeler Professional runs in a server environment, providing improved scalability and performance and enabling applications to be used across an organization.
  • SPSS Modeler Premium includes advanced algorithms and capabilities such as text analytics, entity analytics and social network analysis that increase model accuracy with unstructured data.
  • SPSS Modeler Gold provides analytical decision management, collaboration and deployment capabilities. SPSS Modeler Gold is also available as a cloud offering.

SPSS Statistics features

SPSS Statistics version 23 includes geospatial analytic capabilities, more interactive Web reporting capabilities and improved bulk data load capabilities. Additional features include the following:

  • Methods to account for missing data that otherwise would adversely affect the validity of your analysis.
  • Integration with and ability to import common data sources.
  • The ability to integrate with external programming languages, enabling developers to write customized functions.
  • A variety of optional extension modules in support of the different types of analysis that users may perform.

SPSS Statistics is currently offered on premises and runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Other SPSS Statistics modules, including Amos and Text Analytics for Surveys, may be limited to Windows.

SPSS Statistics offers the following three editions (each comes with additional modules):

  • SPSS Statistics Standard tools provide advanced statistical procedures that support linear and non-linear statistical models and predictive simulation modeling that account for uncertain inputs, geospatial analytics and customized tables.
  • SPSS Statistics Professional tools support data preparation, missing values and data validity, decision trees and forecasting.
  • SPSS Statistics Premium adds advanced analytical techniques, including structural equation modeling, in-depth sampling assessment and testing. This bundle also includes procedures that target direct marketing and high-end charts and graphs.

IBM SPSS Pricing

Pricing for SPSS Modeler and SPSS Statistics predictive analytics tools vary depending on bundle options, number of users and the license period.

IBM offers a 30-day trial of the SPSS Professional Modeler bundle and a 14-day trial of SPSS Statistics.

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Buyer's Guide

A buyer's guide to selecting the right big data analytics software

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