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An overview of the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform includes the Aster database, Discovery Portfolio, a graph processing engine, MapReduce and a version of R.

Teradata Aster Discovery products provide tools and technologies that enable users to efficiently perform data discovery tasks using advanced big data analytics on all types of data for the entire data discovery process. These tools and technologies include SQL, MapReduce, graph and data stores for all data types that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Combining several technologies into one platform provides for layers of analytics, thus enabling the discovery of insights in data that would be more difficult to find using individual or disparate tools.

Aster's massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse architecture supports embedding applications within the database engine, enabling users to perform fast analysis of massive data sets.

Components of the Teradata Aster Discovery products

Aster Discovery Platform provides the framework upon which Aster tools and processing engines are integrated to help users perform advanced data analytic exploration, resulting in improved data insights.

Aster Database is the primary data store of the Aster product. It's a high-performance, scalable MPP database that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores for big data analytics on multistructured data sources and types.

Aster Discovery Portfolio provides prebuilt analytic functions that can be used for various big data applications, such as graph analysis, path and pattern analysis, predictive statistical analysis, text analysis and SQL analysis in the Aster Discovery Platform. More than 80 analytics functions are provided that address use cases in a broad range of industries, including fraud and risk analysis, churn, manufacturing optimization, golden path analysis, marketing attribution, sentiment extraction, influencer analysis and personalized recommendations. Aster's Discovery Portfolio is part of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform, which also includes Teradata's Aster Database.

Aster SQL-GR is a graph processing engine for performing graph analytics on big data sets in the Aster Database. Graph discovery enables users to analyze complex graph network structures.

Connection Analytics is powered by the Aster SQL-GR engine and an expanding set of built-in graph analytics functions. This tool helps discover relationships and connections within a network of products, people or processes. Connection analytics can be applied to business areas such as security, marketing and human resources, and can be used to find top influencer nodes in a graph.

Aster SNAP Framework, which was introduced in Release 6.1, enables the different analytical engines and storage engines to easily integrate with the Aster Discovery Platform. SNAP also includes a query optimizer for processing across multiple types of workloads, including Graph, R, MapReduce and SQL.

The Aster SQL-MapReduce framework enables users to perform high-performance analytics of MapReduce using standard SQL or R against the Aster Database.

Aster R combines the power of Aster's SNAP Framework with the capabilities of the open source R engine. This approach allows R programmers to take advantage of the prebuilt functions provided by Aster's Portfolio product in addition to the capabilities of R libraries. Programmers using R in Aster's framework can achieve massive scalability by leveraging Aster's Database and MPP architecture.

Aster Database runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or a Terada distribution of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It has been certified to run on several commodity platforms that include specific hardware from Dell and HP. Hardware and software configuration requirements can be found in the Aster Database Server Platform Matrix.

Teradata also offers Aster Database Cloud, which provides users with the flexibility and agility of cloud computing for big data analytics while leveraging Aster's massively parallel analytics engine.

A version of Teradata offers Aster Express, a virtual appliance that runs in VMware Player on a PC. Aster Express is a fully functional cluster that can be used for evaluation, testing or development purposes.

Teradata Aster 6.1 also includes improvements in connectors as well as enhanced integration with other Teradata products such as Teradata Viewpoint and support for new Teradata Studio features.

Contact Teradata for licensing and pricing information.

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Buyer's Guide

A buyer's guide to selecting the right big data analytics software

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