Cloud business intelligence: A guide to cloud BI technology and trends

Cloud business intelligence: A guide to cloud BI technology and trends

News, analysis and advice on SaaS BI, analytics and corporate performance management software

For many years, cloud business intelligence was primarily the domain of startup vendors offering Software as a Service (SaaS) BI tools as alternatives to the traditional on-premises software sold by the BI market leaders. But cloud BI is becoming more mainstream as increasing numbers of corporate users embrace the cloud computing and SaaS models as part of their business intelligence strategies: About 25% of organizations surveyed by consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates Inc. in 2011 said they were using BI applications in the cloud, and only 2% said they weren’t considering or interested in cloud BI technology. Top BI vendors are responding to the increasing interest among users by focusing more attention, and development resources, on SaaS BI and cloud analytics.

Cloud BI’s potential benefits are similar to those offered by cloud computing technology in general: reduced data center and IT management costs, faster deployment times, increased flexibility as business needs change. In many cases, though, cloud BI deployments are still relatively low-end in nature – for example, departmental applications or users looking to do analysis on sales data. Other organizations are using the cloud for proof-of-concept projects that later lead to in-house deployments of BI software, according to analysts and BI vendors. Among the issues that are holding companies back from adopting or expanding cloud-based approaches to BI are data integration complexities and security concerns about sending sensitive business data beyond the corporate firewall for storage.

This cloud BI guide is designed to provide readers with comprehensive and up-to-date information on SaaS BI technology, trends and issues. It also covers cloud analytics and SaaS corporate performance management (CPM) technologies. If your organization is considering an investment in cloud BI tools, or looking at broadening an initial deployment, use the information resources below to make sure you have a full understanding of the benefits and challenges of BI in the cloud.

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