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  • Big data visualization refines the analytics picture

    E-Handbook -Data scientists and analysts who spend a lot of their time parsing through data often find that their coworkers aren't as in tune with all of that information and what it means. Luckily, big data visualization helps analysts present information to others in their organization. But in order for big data visualization to help, it needs to be done with care. This handbook can help readers get there.

    The first article, by consultant David Loshin, covers the importance of catering data visualizations to your audience and telling a clear story with your graphics. The second, by Senior News Writer Ed Burns, examines the different approaches and tools organizations are using to analyze and visualize information. And the final article, by consultant David A. Teich, shows how businesses have been telling stories with data for years and demonstrates how their approach needs to change in response to new technology.

  • Compelling data story starts with effective visualization of data

    Tip -Data visualizations can transform analytics data into actionable business information. But remember to keep things easy to understand and remember your audience, an expert cautions.

  • Telling data stories calls for common syntax on analytics info

    Tip -Data storytelling is just the latest phase in the long history of passing on knowledge to people, expert David A. Teich explains. It's just the tools that have changed.

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