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  • Adobe unveils new visual data discovery tool

    News -There’s a growing number of data discovery tools that emphasize decision support over reporting. Adobe's Analysis Workspace is the latest player.

  • Data discovery tools point the way to bigger BI benefits

    E-Handbook -IT’s habit of locking down company technology systems can be frustrating for modern business users who often have plenty of experience working with technology. But those using data discovery tools are finding business intelligence is moving in the direction of self-service. And while the decentralization of business intelligence is a scary prospect to some, it’s making data analysis easier for a lot of companies.

    In the first article in this handbook, see how two companies have implemented data discovery, enabling them to use data that had previously just been lying around. Next, find out how the self-service trend is reflected in products from business intelligence vendors. To close, get insight into how IT fits into the data discovery and self-service landscape.

  • Data mashup tools boost business intelligence, analytics efforts

    Feature -Customer data can be valuable on its own, but when it's combined with other internal information and outside sources in a data mashup, the business benefits of analytics apps can skyrocket.

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