BI and analytics tools top list of planned 2014 software initiatives

TechTarget's IT Priorities Survey shows that business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing projects are the top software priority this year.

Brian Tvenstrup has big plans for broadening the use of analytics at his company. Tvenstrup is chief analytics...

officer at Modern Marketing Concepts Inc., a marketing services firm in Binghamton, N.Y.; during 2014, he intends to apply predictive analytics software to website activity log and clickstream data to try to get a better sense of which of his clients' customers are ready to buy -- and which ones might need a boost. The goal is to better target marketing efforts and, hopefully, increase sales.

And Tvenstrup isn't alone in looking for new ways to extract value from data through the use of business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools. TechTarget's annual IT Priorities Survey, conducted in late 2013, found that BI, analytics and data warehousing projects topped the list of planned software initiatives in organizations for 2014. Nearly 41% of 3,088 respondents -- 40.9%, to be precise -- said their companies would deploy projects in that category. That beat out planned initiatives for mobile applications (37.1%), business process automation (27.7%), service-oriented architecture (22.2%) and even custom application development (35.5%).  

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