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BI technology

Get the latest information about enterprise business intelligence technology and platforms, including news on the latest business intelligence (BI) software, tools and applications, plus articles on business intelligence strategy and market trends with insight from industry experts. Learn how business intelligence vendors are reacting to the ever-changing industry with updates to their business intelligence product suites, and read news and articles on Oracle business intelligence platforms, SAP business intelligence platforms, Microsoft business intelligence platforms and IBM business intelligence platforms. Read about business intelligence case studies, fundamentals and best practices, find out how business intelligence relates to other disciplines and learn the advantages of business intelligence. Also, read about business intelligence reporting tools, open source business intelligence, Software as a Service (SaaS) business intelligence, real-time business intelligence and BI architecture, design, integration and development. More about BI technology

BI management

Get comprehensive information on business intelligence management, including news and news analysis stories, case studies, expert tips and more. Learn about important BI management issues that can determine the success or failure of business intelligence projects, including business intelligence strategy, best practices and project management. Read about emerging technologies and concepts such as operational, self-service and collaborative business intelligence. Get advice from business intelligence experts on key aspects of business intelligence process management, such as setting up and managing business intelligence teams and selecting vendors. More about BI management


Data analytics software and advanced analytics techniques can help organizations make sense of -- and gain a competitive advantage from -- all the data that they have in their systems. Get fully informed about the different types of business intelligence analytics that your company can take advantage of, including predictive analytics, text analytics and text mining, customer analytics and business intelligence data mining. Read news stories and case studies about data analytics vendors and the latest developments in business analytics and advanced data analytics technology, and get tips and advice from business intelligence experts on deploying and managing analytic business intelligence systems. Learn about topics such as unstructured data analysis, predictive data mining, customer data analysis, text data mining and customer data mining. More about Analytics

Performance management

Corporate performance management software and performance management concepts, such as the balanced scorecard model, enable organizations to measure business results and track their progress against business goals in order to improve financial performance. To help make your CPM strategy a success, get useful information and insight on performance management trends and the use of performance management technology, including CPM software, business performance management software, enterprise performance management software and forecasting, planning and budgeting software. Read news stories, case studies and other articles on the use of performance management tools, and get tips from business intelligence experts on performance management best practices and how to deploy a coporate performance management system. Also, learn about using a balanced scorecard methodology, managing a balanced scorecard implementation and developing performance management metrics. More about Performance management

Data visualization

Data visualization tools, such as data mashups, executive dashboards, performance scorecards and other data visualization technology, are becoming more popular among enterprises. Here you’ll find the latest news and articles on data visualization software, learn about techniques, strategies and best practices, and read about emerging trends in the data visualization market. Get best-practices guidance on how to create and set up data visualization applications and tools, and learn about interactive, real-time and multidimensional data visualization. Also, learn how different industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing, are using data visualization to reach their business goals. More about Data visualization

Data warehousing

In this section, you’ll find news, analysis and expert advice on enterprise data warehouse design and administration as well as data warehouse applications. Read about data warehouse software and hardware developments, and get tips on choosing the right data warehouse tools to fit your organization’s business intelligence framework. Learn about data warehouse appliances and stay up to date on emerging data warehouse products and trends -- for example, get guidance on managing “big data” technologies such as Apache Hadoop and MapReduce. Readers will also find articles, multimedia content and other information resources on creating a data warehouse architecture and managing data warehouse projects, plus coverage of enterprise data modeling and data architecture issues. More about Data warehousing