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  • Apache Spark

    Apache Spark is an open-source parallel processing framework that enables users to run large-scale data analytics applications across clustered systems. Continue Reading

  • logistic regression

    Logistic regression is a statistical method for creating predictive models that classify data into different outcome categories based on historical observations of outcomes involving the same data variables. In particular, it is an important element... Continue Reading

  • Systems infrastructure for deep learning software in flux

    New approaches to hardware infrastructure are being put forward to address the challenges of running deep learning algorithms and other heavy-duty artificial intelligence applications. Continue Reading

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  • Choices widen for BI big data tools

    Once upon a time not too long ago, when the term big data was born and bandied about, most companies viewed using big data as just a pipe dream. The processing demands, data storage needs and associated costs to integrate BI big data analytics ... Continue Reading

  • Balance innovation and governance with big data projects

    Analytics opportunities are booming, and surveys show big data projects are growing as well. In the new big data world, that should be exciting news for data scientists and business analysts itching to come up with ways to use all of the information... Continue Reading

  • Setting the stage to effectively visualize data

    The piles of data gathered from business intelligence and analytics tools is of little use to BI, data management and IT teams if they don't have a good way to visualize the data. To put data to effective use, IT teams need to construct an ... Continue Reading

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