Advanced analytics software

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  • Gaining an edge with location analytics

    Location intelligence goes beyond finding a good restaurant. In business, location intelligence technologies can boost profits and decrease costs. This handbook presents potential use cases, tips for deploying location intelligence software and advic... 

  • Advanced analytics, in-memory technology push information limits

    The information explosion is in need of a cleanup crew, and this one comes equipped with advanced analytics and in-memory technology to pick up the slivers, piece them together and glean business insight. In this issue of Business Information, learn ... 

  • The dos and don'ts of social media analytics

    Businesses are realizing the value of social media when it comes to customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and trends and they’re increasingly turning to social media analytics to derive these insights. However, analyzing them effectively for maxim... 

  • BI Trends + Strategies Issue 11

    The lead article in this issue of’s BI Trends + Strategies will examine the potential benefits and challenges of data visualization deployments, with insight and advice from consultants and experienced users. Data v... 

  • Understanding how advanced analytics can transform your business

    This e-book provides an in-depth definition of advanced analytics and explores how organizations should leverage the new breed of advanced analytics tools, including in-memory analytics, in-database analytics and complex event processing. 

  • The Analytical Sales Team Series

    Download this e-book for information on the newest trends in advanced analytics, and how it can aid your sales efforts. Read chapters on innovative analytical sales topics, including in-memory analytics, in-database analytics, complex event processin... 

  • How to set up and manage a successful business analytics program

    This e-book includes how-to advice on creating an analytics culture, setting up a business analytics program and preparing for an installation of analytics software. In addition, get tips and strategies for building up an organization's analytics ski... 

  • Optimizing healthcare business intelligence and analytics

    BI and analytics tools can provide healthcare organizations with valuable insights for assessing and improving patient care and better controlling costs. This e-book provides a valuable overview of the complex analytics issues facing healthcare organ... 

  • MapR

    MapR is a software company based out of San Jose, California that was founded in 2009. 

  • R programming language

    The R programming language is an open source scripting language for predictive analytics and data visualization. 

  • Campbell's Law

    Campbell's Law is the observaion that once a metric has been identified as a primary indicator for success, its ability to accurately measure success tends to be compromised.   

  • Google Advertising ID

    Google Advertising ID is a piece of universally unique identifier code that allows mobile applications running on Android devices to identify users and gather data for the purposes of building profiles. 

  • advanced analytics

    Advanced analytics refers to future-oriented analyses that can be used to help drive changes and improvements in business practices. 

  • visual analytics

    Visual analytics is a form of analytics in which interactive graphical displays of data are used to generate analytical results and insights. 

  • location intelligence (LI)

    Location intelligence (LI) is a business analysis tool capability that enables companies to gather geographic- and location-related data to better understand global, regional and local business trends. 

  • collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence)

    Collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence) is the merging of business intelligence software with collaboration tools, including social and Web 2.0 technologies, to support improved data-driven decision making. 

  • data science

    Data science is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be turned into a valuable resource in the creation of business and IT strategies. 

About Advanced analytics software

In this section, you’ll find the latest news, analysis and advice on advanced analytics software. Learn about current and emerging advanced analytics trends, read case studies on advanced data analytics projects and get tips from advanced analytics experts on deploying, managing and using advanced business analytics tools, such as data mining and predictive analytics software. Use our articles, multimedia content, book excerpts and other information resources to stay up to date on the potential business benefits of using advanced analytics tools and learn how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that organizations can face when implementing advanced data analytics technology.