Business intelligence architecture and integration

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  • Get a handle on BI data quality management -- before it bites you

    Ensuring that business intelligence data is clean, accurate and consistent is crucial to the success of BI efforts; analyzing bad data will send BI users off track -- quickly. And as data volumes grow and the number of data sources that organizations... 

  • The biggest obstacles of data science

    This issue of BI Trends & Strategies features expert insight on the traits of data scientists and the obstacles of data science initiatives, ways to clear BI roadblocks for faster access to BI, recommendations for SMBs who want to implement a BI syst... 

  • New strategies for avoiding the dreaded data silo

    This edition of BI Trends & Strategies features a lead article by's Linda Tucci, who offers a helping hand in the quest to dismantle the dreaded data silo. The second piece outlines mobile BI, including a reference to Apple's iPad, and ... 

  • New BI demands pushing data architecture limits

    In the third issue of BI Trends & Strategies, learn from BeyeNETWORK experts William McKnight and David Loshin how to create a time-proof information management infrastructure, as well as five steps you can take to improve the quality of analytical d... 

  • Whiteboard it – the power of graph databases

    Graph databases map relationships between entities in a network. They won’t replace conventional relational databases, but for harnessing the value of interconnectedness they mark a breakthrough 

  • enterprise mashup (or data mashup)

    An enterprise mashup is the integration of heterogeneous digital data and applications from multiple sources for business purposes. An enterprise mashup is also sometimes known as a business mashup or, less precisely, as a data mashup. 

  • in-database analytics

    In-database analytics is a scheme for processing data within the database, avoiding the data movement that slows response time.   

  • MicroStrategy

    MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) application software vendor. 

  • mobile business intelligence

    Mobile business intelligence is an extension of business intelligence (BI) from desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.  Reports, charts, graphs, and alerts are designed for viewing on smaller mobile screens.  

About Business intelligence architecture and integration

Architecting your business intelligence system and integrating business data from multiple data sources are key components of a business intelligence implementation. Get informed about business intelligence architecture and business intelligence data integration tools and concepts, including real-time data integration, the use of extract, transform and load (ETL) tools in business intelligence, and creating a BI reference architecture and a data integration architecture for business intelligence. Read news stories and case studies about BI architecture and business intelligence integration projects and issues, and get tips from business intelligence experts on business intelligence architecture and design and on business data integration for BI uses.