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  • Upward mobility? Today mobile business apps only go so far

    With more people working away from the office, mobile technology is hot in the business world, and the number of business functions mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can support is growing by the day. But does the trend end with employee... 

  • BI Trends + Strategies Issue 11

    The lead article in this issue of’s BI Trends + Strategies will examine the potential benefits and challenges of data visualization deployments, with insight and advice from consultants and experienced users. Data v... 

  • Designing a business intelligence framework for analytics success

    In this research report excerpt, expert Wayne Eckerson explores why big data has become a hot topic. Learn how to design a successful business intelligence framework and analytics program that allows you to make something of your data and deliver val... 

  • The value of business intelligence: Driving a more agile enterprise

    Today's business intelligence is more process- and strategy-driven than in the past, and BI is fast becoming more pervasive across the enterprise and more essential in integrated enterprise architecture. It's hard to ignore the promise of BI, but def... 

  • A complete primer to mobile business intelligence

    Business intelligence (BI) is a natural fit for mobile devices. In this e-book, appropriate for business intelligence professionals, get a complete, accessible overview of mobile business intelligence applications from industry expert Wayne Eckerson.... 

  • Best practices for buying business intelligence technology

    The BI market offers a dizzying array of technology options. From collecting organizational requirements, writing RFPs, conducting evaluations and running proof of concept projects, there is a lot involved in evaluating and buying business intelligen... 

  • spreadmart (spreadsheet data mart)

    A spreadmart (spreadsheet data mart) is a situation in which a company's employees has inconsistent views of corporate data because each department relies on the data from their own spreadsheets. 

  • Amazon RedShift

    Amazon RedShift is a fully managed petabyte-scale data warehouse service. RedShift is designed for analytic workloads and connects to standard SQL-based clients and business intelligence tools. 

  • location intelligence (LI)

    Location intelligence (LI) is a business analysis tool capability that enables companies to gather geographic- and location-related data to better understand global, regional and local business trends. 

  • collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence)

    Collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence) is the merging of business intelligence software with collaboration tools, including social and Web 2.0 technologies, to support improved data-driven decision making. 

  • statistical analysis

    Statistical analysis is an aspect of business intelligence (BI) that involves the collection and scrutiny of business data and the reporting of trends. Statistical analysis examines every single data sample in a population (the set of items from whic... 

  • data science

    Data science is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be turned into a valuable resource in the creation of business and IT strategies. 

  • decision tree

    A decision tree is a graph that uses a branching method to illustrate every possible outcome of a decision. Decision trees can be drawn by hand or created with a graphics program or specialized software. 

  • MicroStrategy

    MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) application software vendor. 

  • mobile business intelligence

    Mobile business intelligence is an extension of business intelligence (BI) from desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.  Reports, charts, graphs, and alerts are designed for viewing on smaller mobile screens.  

About Business intelligence software

Get comprehensive business intelligence (BI) software information here. Learn more about evaluating, implementing and using analytic business intelligence software solutions. Check out information on the top-ranked business intelligence applications, suites and technology platforms, based on studies from consulting firms such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester. Read about best practices for choosing BI tools and platforms, negotiating with business intelligence vendors, building a business case, determining business intelligence return on investment (ROI), deploying BI tools and more. Also, learn about the latest trends that could affect an organization's business intelligence software strategy.