Data visualization software

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  • When, and how, to best make use of data visualization tools

    It's clear that data visualization software is catching the eyes of more and more companies. In a recent TechTarget reader survey, 44% of 664 respondents cited an expected increase in data visualization initiatives over the next 12 months. And with g... 

  • Finding your way with visual discovery tools

    This Benchmark Report focuses on visual discovery tools, which are self-service, in-memory analysis tools that enable business users to access and analyze data visually with minimal or no IT assistance. Power users, BI specialists and casual users ar... 

  • Visual Discovery Tools: Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

    This report explores the market for in-memory visualization tools, which provide speed-of-thought analysis to power users and interactive departmental dashboards to casual users. Visual discovery tools straddle top-down and bottom-up approaches to bu... 

  • visual analytics

    Visual analytics is a form of analytics in which interactive graphical displays of data are used to generate analytical results and insights. 

  • location intelligence (LI)

    Location intelligence (LI) is a business analysis tool capability that enables companies to gather geographic- and location-related data to better understand global, regional and local business trends. 

  • collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence)

    Collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence) is the merging of business intelligence software with collaboration tools, including social and Web 2.0 technologies, to support improved data-driven decision making. 

  • data point

    A data point is a discrete unit of information. In a general sense, any single fact is a data point. 

About Data visualization software

The enterprise data visualization market is crowded with vendors offering technologies that promise to help users visualize data. To make sure you're up to date on data visualization software, get news, tips and other information on data visualization tools that support visual analysis, visual business intelligence and collaborative visualization. Learn about data visualization technology, including performance management dashboard tools and software supporting data mining and multidimensional data visualization and other advanced data visualization techniques. Read news stories about developments by data visualization vendors, and get tips and advice from business intelligence experts on evaluating, selecting and deploying corporate dashboard software and other data visualization applications.