Real-time business intelligence

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  • Pushing the performance envelope with real-time BI

    There are many benefits of real-time analytics and BI tools, as they can help companies improve the efficiency and efficacy of decision-making.  However, like implementing any analytics system, the right tools need to be in place in order to maximize... 

  • Best practices for delivering real-time business intelligence analytics

    In this e-book, you'll get an overview of real-time business intelligence analytics and the best of today's options. Plus, read expert insight and advice on planning and executing a real-time BI strategy. 

  • enterprise mashup (or data mashup)

    An enterprise mashup is the integration of heterogeneous digital data and applications from multiple sources for business purposes. An enterprise mashup is also sometimes known as a business mashup or, less precisely, as a data mashup. 

  • processing in memory (PIM)

    Processing in memory (PIM, sometimes called processor in memory) is the integration of a processor with RAM (usually DRAM or SRAM) on a single chip. The result is sometimes known as a PIM chip. 

  • mobile business intelligence

    Mobile business intelligence is an extension of business intelligence (BI) from desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.  Reports, charts, graphs, and alerts are designed for viewing on smaller mobile screens.  

  • real-time business intelligence (BI)

    Real-time business intelligence is an approach to data analytics that enables business users to get up-to-the-minute data by directly accessing operational systems. 

About Real-time business intelligence

Real-time business intelligence (BI) tools and applications, such as business activity monitoring (BAM) software, and concepts, such as operational intelligence, offer automated methods for tracking and flagging pre-defined business events as they happen -- a process that can improve productivity, decrease errors and reduce corporate risk. Learn more about the business activity monitoring and real-time business intelligence software market through tutorials, analyst firm research studies and product news. Read case studies across a variety of industries and find out about real-time business intelligence best practices, expert tips, tricks and techniques.