Self-service and collaborative business intelligence

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  • Upward mobility? Today mobile business apps only go so far

    With more people working away from the office, mobile technology is hot in the business world, and the number of business functions mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can support is growing by the day. But does the trend end with employee... 

  • Secrets of successful self-service BI

    In today's fast-paced atmosphere, consumers want their information to be available instantly, and self-service BI opens a whole new world of possibilities. View this handbook to learn more about self-service business intelligence, including how you c... 

  • Collaborative BI sets stage for collective user action

    The featured article in this edition of BI Trends and Strategies showcases collaborative BI and how it can lead to better decisions. Read this piece penned by BeyeNETWORK experts Colin White and Claudia Imhoff and discover how deep into the organizat... 

  • Tips on evaluating, deploying and managing in-memory analytics tools

    Interested in running queries against data stored in a computer's memory? Read this e-book to learn about in-memory analytics technology and how it can provide much faster analytical performance than traditional business intelligence (BI) tools. Befo... 

  • collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence)

    Collaborative BI (collaborative business intelligence) is the merging of business intelligence software with collaboration tools, including social and Web 2.0 technologies, to support improved data-driven decision making. 

About Self-service and collaborative business intelligence

Self-service business intelligence (BI) and collaborative business intelligence are two emerging technologies that support the concept of pervasive BI, in which business intelligence software is broadly deployed within an organization in an effort to promote better and more informed decision making at all levels. Learn about self-service BI and collaborative BI tools and concepts, including interactive reports, interactive dashboards, Excel data analysis and embedding ad hoc query tools and other BI software in collaboration portals. Read self-service BI and collaborative BI case studies and news analysis stories, and get advice from business intelligence experts on evaluating and deploying self-service BI and collaborative BI technologies.