Text analytics and text mining

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  • text mining (text analytics)

    Text mining is the analysis of data contained in natural language text. Text mining works by transposing words and phrases in unstructured data into numerical values which can then be linked with structured data in a database and analyzed with tradit... 

  • data-driven disaster

    A data-driven disaster is a serious problem caused by one or more ineffective data analysis processes. 

  • General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE)

    General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) is a development environment for writing software that can process human-language text. In particular, GATE is used for computational language processing and text mining. 

  • law of large numbers

    The law of large numbers is a principle of probability according to which the frequencies of events with the same likelihood of occurrence even out, given enough trials or instances. As the number of experiments increases, the actual ratio of outcome... 

  • law of averages

    The law of averages is an erroneous generalization of the law of large numbers, which states that the frequencies of events with the same likelihood of occurrence even out, given enough trials or instances. The law of averages is usually mentioned in... 

  • explicit data

    Explicit data is data that is provided intentionally and taken at face value rather than analyzed or interpreted for further meaning. Examples of explicit data include information provided in surveys and membership applications. 

  • implicit data

    Implicit data is information that is not provided intentionally but gathered from available data streams. Implicit data contrasts with explicit data, which is data that is provided intentionally, for example through surveys and membership registratio... 

  • Plutchik's wheel of emotions

    Plutchik's wheel of emotions is a model of human emotions that uses overlaying colors to portray combinations of affect. 

  • data science

    Data science is the study of where information comes from, what it represents and how it can be turned into a valuable resource in the creation of business and IT strategies. 

  • noisy text

    Noisy text is an electronically-stored communication that cannot be categorized properly by a text mining software program. Noisy text is often caused by an end user's excessive use of idiomatic expressions, abbreviations, chat and text acronyms or b... 

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About Text analytics and text mining

Find out how successful organizations use text analytics software and text mining to turn unstructured data into business insight. Read current news and expert articles about advanced text mining for unstructured data analysis, business intelligence and content management. Learn the difference between text mining vs. data mining, check out recent analyst firm text mining research and find out about the latest tools and techniques, including open source text mining. Read text-mining case studies about organizations using software from SAS Institute, SPSS and other vendors for applications such as customer data mining, marketing resource management and retail analysis.