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Domo adds collaborative development tool to analytics suite

Domo has unveiled Sandbox, a new portal for developing and testing data assets that enables collaboration and provides safety and governance measures.


Uplevel analytics tools lift software engineering efficiency

Uplevel, a startup vendor whose focus is on improving the efficiency of software engineers, unveiled a set of new capabilities that use data to monitor software design projects.


Future of analytics will close gap between data, decisions

As data increases in complexity and volume, a gap is growing between data intake and data-driven decision-making that analytics tools will need to address and aim to close.


Time is now for enterprises to deploy analytics in the cloud

Speed and security now make cloud analytics preferable to on-premises deployments, along with advantages such as collaboration for a distributed workforce and agility to scale.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    customer intelligence (CI)

    Customer intelligence (CI) is the process of gathering and analyzing information derived from customer data that an organization collects from both internal and external sources.

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    data mining

    Data mining is the process of sorting through large data sets to identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems through data analysis.

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    How to develop a data literacy program in your organization

    This handbook examines the need for data literacy in organizations and offers advice on boosting the data literacy skills of self-service BI and analytics users.

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