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A complete guide to buying data discovery software

Data discovery software turns data into business insights, and it's vital for GDPR compliance. This guide outlines the products and business case for data discovery tools.

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Augmented analytics vs. traditional BI tools

See how augmented analytics compares to traditional BI and self-service analytics tools and what this new generation of AI-powered data analysis platforms can deliver.

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More business analytics degrees may boost business IT

Colleges and universities are increasingly offering business analytics degrees. The graduates can help build IT and business capabilities of small and medium-sized organizations.


Heat map helps food distributor plan pallet placement

Inspired by the vivid views of stadium heat maps, a Midwest food distributor worked with Information Builders to gain a better view of its supply chain workings. The result was a novel warehouse optimization system.

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  • Predictive analytics

    Government data analytics need more structure

    Data analytics in government agencies lack organization, focusing on immediate problems instead of attacking underlying causes without a unified strategy or system.

  • Business intelligence team

    Airbnb, Univision Communications follow BI strategies

    At the Real Business Intelligence conference, Airbnb and Univision execs presented some of the BI strategies their organizations use to help drive growth and cut costs.

  • Business intelligence technology and platforms

    BI is evolving, but it's not fully clear how

    Fast-evolving tech trends like machine learning and cloud storage management will have big roles in BI in the coming years, especially with the dominance of cloud computing, experts say.