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Data scientist job outlook in post-pandemic world

There was a lull in hiring for one of the hottest jobs in the U.S., but as lockdowns start to lift and offices start to reopen, the data scientist job outlook is changing.


Qlik aims to deliver actionable insights in real time

In an interview, Qlik CEO Mike Capone discusses the vendor's focus on active intelligence, which means delivering actionable insights to users in real time within their workflows.


ThoughtSpot acquires Diyotta, releases embedded BI tool

ThoughtSpot both acquired Diyotta on May 4 to add data integration capabilities and released ThoughtSpot Everywhere, a new embedded analytics platform, for general availability.


Analytics never more vital to organizational success

Organizations must take a concerted approach to most effectively take advantage of their data, Gartner analyst Gareth Herschel said during the advisory firm's virtual conference.

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    8 big data use cases for businesses and industry examples

    As the understanding of big data requirements increases, so do big data use cases. Here are eight ways businesses are using big data to improve operations.

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    Key features to look for in big data analytics tools

    Searching for a big data analytics tool for your organization? Here are 12 key features to look for during the software evaluation and selection process.

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    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides statistics and analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

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