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Qlik IPO filing culminates a 5-year transformation

When the vendor was taken private in 2016, its plan was to add the capabilities needed to build a cloud-first platform that enabled real-time analytics.


Tibco continues adding developer tools to analytics platform

Since its last major update in September 2021, the vendor has added to its array of prebuilt Spotfire Mods applications, including new AI Mods called Data Functions.


How to identify and implement embedded analytics opportunities

Business users need to consider data science workflows and software development to identify opportunities for implementing embedded analytics for business value.


Databricks unveils first industry-specific lakehouse

The cloud data vendor launched a new lakehouse designed for retail and consumer goods customers that includes blueprints and best practices.

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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics

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    logistic regression

    Logistic regression is a statistical analysis method to predict a binary outcome, such as yes or no, based on prior observations of a data set.

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    Predictive analytics in marketing: Achieving success

    The use of predictive analytics in marketing is transforming how companies sell to customers, but the learning curve can be steep. Here's what you need to know to be successful.

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    5-step predictive analytics process cycle

    A viable predictive model that yields valuable outcomes requires a methodical team approach to goal-setting, data integrity and model development, deployment and validation.

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