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SearchBusinessAnalytics.com is dedicated to serving the information needs of business intelligence leaders, CIOs, business analysts, architects, data scientists, statisticians, and data analytics professionals. We’re a trusted source for advancing your knowledge with free resources designed to accelerate business planning, forecasting and visibility, and create a more data-driven culture throughout their organization.

We explore topics such as self-service and mobile BI, Hadoop analytics, big data analytics, data integration, customer data analytics, predictive analytics, text analytics, dashboards, scorecards, data visualization, operational BI, financial performance management, open source BI, SaaS and data management.

Readers across all industries will find valuable information from leading vendor-neutral experts, including renowned consultants such Wayne Eckerson, Rick Sherman, and Joe Caserta, analysts such as Boris Evelson of Forrester Research, and leading practitioners in the field such as Michael Jennings, Data Governance Director at Walgreens.

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SearchDataManagement.com offers a rich collection of insight on how to efficiently manage the data supply chain through technology and techniques, and covers a range of topics including big data, warehousing, data integration, database management systems (DBMS), data virtualizations, enterprise application integration, SOA data services, and much more.

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