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Analytics and integration software for collecting customer data

If you’re collecting customer data for analysis, learn about options such as data integration technology and third-party systems for collecting customer data from external sources.

Is there software out there that can help us with collecting customer data for analytic purposes? For example: We know a customer’s name and location but want to find their Twitter page so we can track what they think of us. Is there any kind of tool that does that?

There are plenty of methods for collecting customer data – from existing internal applications and systems to cloud-based rented applications to third-party systems that provide externally collected data (for example, Dun & Bradstreet). Usually, organizations will use data integration technology that has evolved over the past decade to create an enhanced source of customer data.

When it comes to social media sources, there is text integration software that can be used to extract names from Twitter handles – for example, to match them to names from an internal customer system. Moreover, there are methods of applying data quality and master data management techniques to location-related information to ensure that the mapping process is semi-automated.

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