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Big data means big demand for business intelligence analysts

Business intelligence and analytics are booming in the big data era -- and so is demand for BI analysts, managers and developers, according to careers expert Matt Mueller.

With the economy gradually recovering from the 2009 financial crisis, has the demand for business intelligence analysts, managers and developers changed, and for the better or the worse?

Demand for people with BI and analytics skills is very strong, and I predict it will only increase.

I do agree that the economy is gradually recovering, and many companies are focused on being more efficient, rather than rapidly increasing revenue. Technology in general is an investment that companies see as being able to help them cut costs and increase profit margins. If you look at recent quarterly financial reports, companies still seem to be stagnant on revenues, but many are increasing their earnings per share.

One pixelMI: Big Data Takes on IT Management

With that said, business intelligence is booming! Big data, real-time reporting and advanced analytics, too. Demand for people with BI and analytics skills is very strong, and I predict it will only increase. With social media and many other new data collection points, the amount of data that organizations have access to is so much more today than it has ever been, and it will continue to grow. The trick will be making sense of the data to drive business decisions. Business intelligence analysts, managers and developers are needed to prepare the data, accurately interpret it and report their analytical findings to business stakeholders. And better decisions based on relevant data will hopefully lead to more revenue while decreasing operational costs.

IT skills are in high demand, and BI and analytics capabilities are at the top of the list. Some of the most highly sought-after positions are big data professionals; data scientists; solutions architects; data architects; project managers; and professionals focused on specific technologies, including Hadoop and data warehousing and BI tools related to SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

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