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Business intelligence architects: Enterprise-level job skills

Business intelligence architects can advance to the enterprise level by leveraging skills learned from working in smaller organizations.

My job title now is Senior Business Intelligence Architect. I have over 10 years of experience working in small- and mid-sized organizations, but would like take my career to the enterprise level. Are there any skill sets that are particular to enterprise-level business intelligence architects?
The biggest difference with an enterprise business intelligence (BI) architect is the amount/size of the data and the complexity across the business. Also, the tools used can be different at the enterprise level. You may have many of the necessary skills and just need to promote and leverage those skills.

Your other options are: taking a position, that might be below your skill level, with a company where you can get experience with larger data sets; joining a strong BI consulting firm that works on big data; or investing in training with some of the enterprise BI software tools, products and/or appliances.

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