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Business intelligence challenges for departments implementing BI tools

Learn about business intelligence (BI) challenges that can occur when departments implement their own BI tools, and find out if there’s anything you can do to minimize the issues.

What are the business intelligence (BI) challenges that occur when departments in large enterprises implement their own BI tools?

A quick observation is that no matter what standards and guidelines you establish for the deployment of BI software, there will always be individuals who aren’t satisfied with what they can accomplish using the favored tools and attempt to develop their own methods, even if that means dumping data into a desktop spreadsheet and running their own macros. That being said, the risks of departmental implementations lay not so much in the possible introduction of non-standard tools but in the potential for variances in data interpretation and the absence of proper data governance procedures. Once data is extracted from its source, it takes on a life of its own, and the perception and understanding of each individual analysis technique may begin to expose differences across the board, leading to increased needs for data reconciliation while diminishing user confidence in the results that they get from the BI tools.

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