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Business intelligence for finance: which tools do I need to learn?

If you're starting a career in business intelligence (BI), find out what BI tool is most important to learn for business intelligence (BI) for finance – BusinessObjects or SAS.

I am steadfast to pursue a career in business intelligence (BI) from here on out. To compare SAS and BusinessObjects, which would be the more important tool for most of the business process in the coming years, especially in finance (considering the fact that the SAS market is still limited but on the rise)? What is the career growth potential for each of these?
I do agree that SAS is on the rise and that more companies will be focused on analytics, as most large companies have mature enterprise data warehouses. Specifically in business intelligence for finance, with all that has happened in the economy, I would expect SAS to be seen more and more. With BusinessObjects being acquired by SAP, you will of course see BusinessObjects in every SAP BI reporting area. If you want to focus on analytics, I would say SAS. If you want to do reporting, BusinessObjects in the route for you to take.

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