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Business intelligence information management (BIIM) vs. BI

What is business intelligence information management (BIIM)? Learn what our expert says about business intelligence and information management.

I've heard the term business intelligence information management (BIIM). How is this any different from what we already know about business intelligence (BI)?
Business intelligence information management (BIIM) -- there's one I haven't heard of -- but we need some more acronyms!

I think there is a very reasonable domain that merits attention in those words -- and that is information management. To me, information management is really a superset of a lot of disciplines, including data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, data quality, data mining, metadata management, etc. All of these really have so much overlap that they need to be taken together as a whole at some level. I am encouraging the formation of information management governance and making it the top priority of those CIOs I consult.

Business intelligence has come to mean all manner of data access -- the level of intelligence in that access is really in the eye of the beholder. As such, it can be a pretty broad term itself. However, the term information management will include the processes and structure that get the data ready for business intelligence.

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