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Business intelligence jobs: Where are they?

Looking for business intelligence jobs? Read William McKnight's insight into the business intelligence job market.

Question: What industry has most promising potential for growth in an analytics career? What is the general state of the job market?


To answer where are the analytics jobs, I turned to analytics expert and President and COO of InfoCentricity, Jeff Dandridge.

Business intelligence jobs: Regarding the industry:

  1. There continues to be huge demand for business intelligence jobs in financial services. Every client of mine seems to have at least one opening, if not many.
  2. Outsourcing to, or hiring in India, China, and emerging Europe by larger players is common. For example, GE Capital formed GenPact in India to support its US and international operations; Amex is big in India as well.

Business intelligence jobs: Regarding career potential:

  1. There are never enough analysts. Those who are business-oriented and can articulate the problems/results in business terms make a lot of money. They end up as execs, VPs and managers. Those who live in the numbers but can't communicate remain analysts.
  2. Backgrounds range from quantitative MBAs to stats/operations research/applied math to econometricians to biology, etc.
  3. The term "analyst" can mean a lot of things and the range of work varies greatly -- SQL queries to data mining to predictive modeling...

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