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Business intelligence market growth for 2009 and beyond

Get an expert's view on business intelligence (BI) market growth up to this date and projected BI market growth for 2009 and beyond in this Q/A.

In your opinion, how much has business intelligence penetrated the enterprise? How much business intelligence market growth can we expect in future years?

Most organizations would support some level of the statement that they have business intelligence (BI). That's one measure. Another would be how many actually are doing it well. To this question, I would say we're still in early stages – business intelligence (BI) market growth has been reasonable but not explosive, and there is a long way to go.

Most people still view BI as whatever they do to data in the data warehouse. While that is BI, there is much more to it. BI principles can be applied in the operational environment as well, whether we call it BI or not. Furthermore, much of BI is first-generation BI, which is only reports, not even dashboards or much less event-driven, actionable BI.

On a relative basis, the BI market is doing very well. Certainly, it's hard to argue BI will exist and provide increasing levels of business improvement to organizations for the foreseeable future.

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