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Business intelligence software: Business Objects vs. SAS

Learn about the differences between Business Objects' business intelligence software and SAS.

Question: Compared to Business Objects, what are SAS' weak and strong points in the business intelligence software market?

Answer: Both Business Objects and SAS have complete business intelligence software offerings, as complete as there is in the market.

SAS' analytic and data mining capabilities are industry leading, although not as friendly or inexpensive as some newer, competitive offerings. Most SAS BI customers are crossovers from data mining. SAS actually leases, instead of sells, you its business intelligence software. It's a model you would need to get comfortable with.

Business Objects is established in reporting (former Crystal products), analytics, BPM and working on ETL. I posted on my blog that Business Objects had the leading OLAP tool in the market.

Crystal Decisions had the leading reporting tool. Each company had made huge strides, both real and from a marketing perspective, in the previous years into the other's primary domain. So much so, that they had virtually identical marketing messages and a high redundancy of business intelligence software products.

The company weeded through the product set, sales forces and sales messages. The customer backlash and reluctance to make new purchases from the company never materialized in force.

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