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Business intelligence specialist job description and data governance

Learn if a business intelligence specialist job description should include data governance responsibilities.

I'm trying to write a job description for a business intelligence (BI) specialist (retail industry). My IT guy thinks we should include data governance responsibilities (defining the policies, monitoring adherence to the polices, etc.) in the job description, but I feel those are the duties of a data steward. Should we try to cram two jobs into one, or hire someone else to handle governance?
This is a tough question to answer without more detail on what you consider a business intelligence (BI) specialist, and the actual job responsibilities of that specialist. If it is considered a more senior position, data governance responsibilities should be part of the job. If your IT guy believes that this person should define and monitor polices across the enterprise, then that is a job of a data steward. If both statements are true then you are trying to cram two jobs into one.

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