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Business intelligence trends affecting the BI market, industry

Learn about some business intelligence trends that are affecting the BI market and BI industry. Learn about packaged analytics software and agile BI.

Question: What business intelligence trends or big changes are you seeing in the BI market and BI industry this year?

Answer: I see many trends happening this year, a couple of big ones in particular. The first is the growth of packaged analytics software and services. An increasing number of customers no longer want general-purpose BI software or implementation partners; instead, they're looking for "jumpstart technology" that can be deployed quickly and partners that have specific vertical-industry expertise and understand the key areas of their business. 

Another trend I’m seeing is increased interest in agile business intelligence. In the past, most BI project teams employed the traditional waterfall approach to development, with sequential steps, milestones and deliverables. But at many companies, the appetite for that approach is fading: They now want an iterative approach that delivers results more quickly and gives business users tangible new BI capabilities on an incremental basis, through the use of agile development techniques. 

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