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Data analytics: The basics

According to William McKnight, data analytics refers to the use of empirical data to gain empirical insights into the business that lead to action. Data analytics can also include data mining, business intelligence and corporate performance management (CPM).

I'm looking for a step-by-step guide for analyzing data quality. Is there a best practice process I can follow?...

Also, what is data analytics?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, here, let me direct you to a link where you can download my white paper on data analytics.

Data analytics is the area I take questions from on TechTarget. Just kidding. Actually, data analytics is more than that. It refers to the use of empirical data to gain empirical insights into the business that lead to action. Data analytics, or just plain analytics, often refers to capturing business trends and influencing them. An example is determining who the most profitable customers are or what all the steps really are that go into customer support. Any definition of data analytics really should not pretend to be exclusive of data mining, business intelligence or CPM because data mining is the higher end of analytics, business intelligence comprises analytics, mining and CPM utilize analytics and sometimes refer to the analytics as well.

More information on data analytics:

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