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Do I need BEx Analyzer and SAPGUI to access an SAP BW system and reports?

Peter Scott, BW expert, advises a new BW user on the ways to access the SAP BW system on Windows, depending on user role and responsiblity.

Sorry, but I am new to SAP, so the question may be simple. What software do I need on my Windows client workstation to access an SAP BW system and reports? Will IE 6 be sufficient, or do I need SAPGUI?
The answer depends on your role within the context of BW. There are two general ways that you can use to access the BW system. As an end user looking at reports, you can use an Internet browser like Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This approach requires a zero footprint for software.

The other option is to use the BEx Analyzer tool, which requires an SAPGUI installation, and associated patches on occasion. If you are going to be developing queries, or using the Reporting Agent for scheduling, you will need the software installed.

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