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Enterprise search and business intelligence: What's in store

Find out what our expert has to say about the future of enterprise search and business intelligence.

What can you tell me about enterprise seach and business intelligence? Is business intelligence search some passing trend or is it something we should take seriously?
I believe that, with some exception, business intelligence vendors are having a bit of trouble rolling out their products beyond the first n users (with n being somewhere between 100 and 1,000, depending on company size) and as a consequence are getting creative. 'Enterprise search' may become a new buzzword for data access and utilization. However, enterprise search will not be successful in the many organizations that will continue to refuse to change the culture to be information-centric, train users and ensure a build that is compatible with business interests. I think it will be some time and struggle in these areas before true information consumption makes a significant leap in the footprint of a Fortune organization. Those who achieve it early will prosper.

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