Fastest way to learn business intelligence (BI)

Find out how you can learn business intelligence (BI), get business intelligence training and discover why analytics is the key to marketing efforts in this BI tip.

My company decided to centralize all marketing analytics within one single area. This area is a combination of market research and internal database analytics. I personally have a background in the market research field and have been chosen to lead the initiative. What's the best and fastest way to learn business intelligence (BI)? Where can I get BI training?

Congratulations on your position. Remember to gear your efforts towards bottom-line results of the business, making sure everybody understands how you are forging that link. Analytics is the key to success in marketing today, no doubt about it.

I'm glad you have centered on business intelligence (BI) for your studies, instead of diving headlong into marketing analytics and missing out on the broad capabilities that business intelligence can provide.

As for learning about business intelligence, you're very close. For more resources and advice, browse's BI All-in-One Guide.

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