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Hiring business intelligence project managers: Education versus experience

Learn how to choose between business intelligence project manager candidates.

We're a large insurance company looking to hire a business intelligence (BI) project manager. We've narrowed our candidates down to two. One has an impressive collection of certifications and formal education, but not a lot of job experience. The other has lots of applicable job experience, but not a lot of formal education. How do I know which candidate is the better option?
Your dilemma is one of potential versus experience. Hopefully both candidates would do very well in the role.

Here's what I suggest you do to choose your next business intelligence (BI) project manager: Develop 10 or so key criteria for the position and rank each in order of importance. Rank each candidate against the criteria to determine who has the better score.

Personally, I tend to lean to the person who has the applicable job experience and has been successful in previous positions.

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