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How to earn Business Objects certification and specialize in SAP BI

Earning a Business Objects (BO) certification can help your business intelligence career. Find out why SAP BI and Business Objects reporting functions are hot areas in the BI job market.

I have 10 years of hands-on sales experience and five years of IT recruitment experience and am currently studying SAP BI 7.0. Now I'm wondering whether BusinessObjects or CRM certification would've been a better choice. What advice could you offer me on my career options?

If you are going down the SAP Business Intelligence (BI) path, I would focus on Business Objects for sure. Business Objects is going to be the new reporting function on SAP BI. As the economy starts improving, we will see SAP BI with the newly incorporated Business Objects reporting function as a very hot area.

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I am a self taught Business Objects trainer. What certification should I seek?