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How to find jobs in business intelligence at your current company

In this Q/A, find out why the best way for people to score jobs in business intelligence (BI) is through their current company and how to start a new career in BI.

I'm keen on getting a job in business intelligence (BI). I have been using SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services for a while but am unsure how to get started in the BI industry.
: As in most cases, it's always best to try and move within your current organization if you want to find jobs in business intelligence. Your company knows your work ethic and the type of exposure you've had with SQL Server and SSRS. Make sure you let them know about your desire and ask if they're willing to build a plan to get you over to straight BI. If that doesn't work, you may have to move to another organization where you can leverage your current skills and that has a path to BI.

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