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How to start a career with a master's degree in business intelligence

Learn how to use a master's degree in business intelligence to start a career in business intelligence and data warehousing and find out about the IT job market for business intelligence jobs.

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and three years experience in small relational database application development. How can I start a business intelligence (BI) career? Which concentration is best — information systems or information technology — if I want get a master's degree specializing in BI and data warehousing (DW)? What is the job market like for the BI field?

I would recommend a focus in information management since it should be more aligned with data warehousing/business intelligence (DW/BI).

On the job front, I would first try and leverage your relational database experience with your current employer into a back-end DW role. If that doesn't work, try for a junior-level DW position. With the current state of the economy, data warehousing and business intelligence jobs are not as plentiful as they have been, but I expect data warehousing and BI jobs to increase at a faster rate than most IT jobs as the market improves.

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