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Open source BI tools capable of taking on traditional BI vendors

Find out whether open source BI tools can compete with BI software from the leading business intelligence vendors. And learn which users are best suited for open source BI.

What’s your opinion on open source BI tools? Are they made for all company sizes and markets, or are they better suited for a particular group?

Open source business intelligence tools are becoming more and more popular. The companies I’ve seen be successful with these technologies are typically your “build shops” – organizations that are accustomed to developing systems and applications from scratch with good, solid development tools. The interesting thing, I think, is that the open source tools have become quite solid themselves and are now capable of competing with the usual suspects in the BI market.

I’m not certain how quickly these business intelligence tools will truly challenge the best-of-breed BI vendors. But with the financial pressures being put on businesses in today’s economy, many companies are definitely looking for lower-cost technologies that can accommodate their needs from both an upfront investment perspective and long-term cost of ownership.

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