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Project management tools and techniques for small business

Is it important for small businesses to teach project management tools and techniques to software developers? Learn how the way a company develops applications can impacts business methodologies and what a waterfall model is.

I work in a small company (around 50 employees). We develop software via outsourcing. We don't work by projects; we work by tasks and our clients assign us the tasks they want us to develop. Because of this, we have no project managers. My specific question is: In a company with such characteristics, is it necessary to teach project management tools and techniques to all developers? If so, are there any specific tools that can help us do our work better?
I would respond to your question with a question: What is the development method that you are currently utilizing?

If you're developing applications via the waterfall model, then a more regimented structure is required. If you're using an agile or lean approach in which iterations result in refinements and enhancements, then less structure is required. In short, how your organization develops applications has a direct and significant impact on the tools, methodologies and skills of its individuals.


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