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Should business intelligence analysis tie in with operational reports?

Find out if business intelligence (BI) analysis should tie in exactly with operational reports in source systems, and learn how to maximize BI's value.

Should business intelligence (BI) analysis tie in exactly with the day-to-day operational reports in the source systems? If not, what percentage of tolerance do you recommend?
If you are building a BI system, you must be able to tie back its contents to its sources. This does not mean that you don't change the data en route to the BI system. If you don't change the data, you're losing a tremendous amount of BI's value. However, through the use of metadata kept in a repository or embedded in the BI data structures, users need to develop a comfort level that the data has been moved intact. The only "tolerance" in the equation is any gap between the ideal state of cleansed data and the actual data quality. There is, however, no tolerance at all for missing operational data.

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