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Tips for starting a business intelligence consulting firm in India

In this Q/A, our career expert provides tips for starting an independent business intelligence consulting firm in India. Find out how someone with an IT background should approach the BI job market.

I currently head up a small IT firm in Bangalore, India and I have engineering and SixSigma BB qualification. I see a big opportunity to help small and midsized firms in India who are not currently using business intelligence (BI) for their business decisions. I see an opportunity here, and I'd like to eventually be a BI consultant representing multiple vendors. So I want start understanding BI principles. Where should I start?
I think to really capitalize on the opportunity you see, you will need to increase your depth and knowledge in the BI space. I would try and work with or for one of the major consulting firms who have a strong BI practice. Also, you should look into classes and accreditations in India for BI.

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