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Tips on how to properly use Excel for business intelligence projects

Learn how to properly use Excel for business intelligence projects, including advice on governing and securing your data sources and putting data governance processes in place.

What’s your opinion on using Excel for business intelligence projects?

We’re OK with Excel BI use as long as the data is secured in some fashion. Excel is by far the most widely used technology for BI and reporting. It’s a useful tool, but the data being sourced and then stored in spreadsheets must be governed and secured so that Excel users are utilizing the same information as all of an organization’s other BI users are.

We still see way too many companies allowing business users to be mavericks and use Excel for BI purposes however they see fit. What is the point of putting data governance processes in place and consolidating and validating your data, only to give your users the ability to do what they will outside of that controlled environment?

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Interesting article with some good links. shows us some of the options available.