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Ways to begin a business intelligence career

Get advice on various ways to begin a business intelligence career -- including online education and conferences.

I am a Product Design Engineer with 10 years of experience and am exploring business intelligence as a possible career option. Are there any business intelligence seminars you'd recommend? Would you suggest I begin there?

There are numerous business intelligence (BI) educational opportunities. However, I'm not sure if education alone, unless it is extensive and possibly involves certification, will get you into business intelligence. You may be able to find a way within your current company into the BI program, but another company may want experience.

As I've noted before on this forum, there are various methods to leverage oneself into a business intelligence career. (Read "Business intelligence certifications: Are they worth it?") However, as for education, if you are so inclined to read and do online education, SearchDataManagement.com is a good place to start. Listen to a podcast on business intelligence jobs and certification trends, with Jennifer Hay of TDWI.

If you prefer in-person business intelligence training, TDWI has its educational conferences. And, if you really mean business intelligence, i.e., reading data and turning it into information and knowledge, as opposed to the entire discipline of business intelligence, which includes data warehousing, master data management, etc., I would look at Business Objects training. Good luck!


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