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What are the benefits of a career in business intelligence?

Find out about the benefits of a career in business intelligence, specifically how SAP BI certification can open doors for a rewarding career in a growing area.

I am planning to take an SAP-BI course and then go for the certification. Presently I am using SAP-BW for reports, but I am not involved as a developer. Is gaining knowledge in SAP-BI a good move career-wise?
Yes, preparing for a career in business intelligence is a good move for several reasons.

1.) BI is fascinating. I work for the money (obviously) but also because I find this subject highly absorbing. So, for job satisfaction alone, this has to be a good move.

2.) BI is an expanding area. There are not enough qualified people so there are currently too few people for the jobs.

3.) I think this trend will continue. BI is a relatively complex area and the number of people who truly understand how to extract information from data is always likely to be limited.

So, I cannot make you any promises but it looks like a good career move to me!

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